learn Arabic alphabets easily

learn Arabic alphabets easily ( part 1 )   

Arabic alphabets 

What is Arabic Language ?

Arabic is one of the oldest languages . It is spoken all over the Arabic world and in other parts of the world Arabic is one of the 6 official languages in United Nations. Arabic is written from right to left . the Arabic language consists of 28 letters . There's no capital letters and small letters in Arabic also there is now upper case lower case in Arabic the short form vowels sound in Arabic.  

The alphabets of Arabic language

It's very easy to know that Arabic language is spoken easily when we know how to pronounce the letters of it. As an Arabic speaker , I will explain how to pronouns each letter of Arabic alphabets . First, I will write  how to pronouns each letter separately then I will use each letter in a  word  giving its meaning in English . 
The Arabic letters are the following ( from right to left ) :
  أ/ب/ ت/ث/ج/ح/خ/  د/  ذ  /ر / ز / س / ش / ص/ ض/ ط/ ظ / ع/  غ/  ف/  ق/ ك/  ل/  م/  ن/  هـ / و / ي 
Now let's learn each letter separately :

1-(  أ )  =Alif . it is the first letter of Arabic language.  (أ ) equals the letter A  in English language . for example when we read the word |(Art )  the first letter is A like Ahmed in  Arabic the first letter is Alif 

 The next part I will explain how to pronounce this letter in different ways . Examples of the letter ( أ ):

*ِأسد = lion . This word is pronounced ASAD .The first letter is ( Alif ) 

*أمل = hope .This word is read AMAL . the first letter is Alif 

 2- ( ب ) = Baa . it is  Arabic language  . It equals the letter B in English . Some examples for this letter like the following

*. بصل  = onion. This word  is pronounced BASAL. the first letter is Baa  

*- أب   = father . this word  is pronounced UP. the first letter is Baa.
3- ( ت ) = Taa . It is the third letter in Arabic alphabets .  the letter ت  in Arabic  equals the letter T in English . Some examples of the letter ت Taa:
* تمر = dates . This word is pronounced TAMR . the first letter is Taa ( ت )
* توت = blueberry . This word is read TOOT . the first letter is Taa .  
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